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Robot Scholars Hold RoboCup Games
Robot dog soccer is one of five games that teams of scholars competed in during the 2005 RoboCup U.S. Open, held Monday at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The aim of the three-day competition, which ends Tuesday, is to develop...

Local robot wins Rookie of Year honors
Clark is the 2006 Rookie of the Year - not for baseball or football though. He was named rookie of the year Saturday at a robot competition in Denton County.


Sites about robot competition

Hedonistica - Robo-One 9: Robot Competition
Robo-One 9: Robot Competition One of the most surprising robots that appeared at the 9th Robo-One competition held here in Tokyo on March 18-19th, 2006, was LAYERED-X developed by Asurada. Its unique ...
http://www.hedonistica.co ...3/roboone_9_robot.php

Pixlock - Sample Videos
... The Grand Challenge is an off-road robot competition organized by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to support research in the field of autonomous vehicles. The challenge consists of ...
http://www.pixlock.de/ind ...ction&id=7&Itemid=117

Losing Sleep over Robot Competition
... More information at Amazon US UK [ Message Store \ Robotics Arena \ View Thread ] - [ Email Notification ] - [ Recent Activity ] - [ Mark Read ] Losing Sleep over Robot Competition Athenian Students ...

Central Illinois Robotics Club - Competitions
Home > Competitions About Us Competitions - 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 Contacts Mailing ...

Brian Yamauchi - Robot Gallery
... We entered Coyote in the the Hors d'Oeuvres Event at the AAAI-97 Robot Competition - where mobile robots served refreshments to conference attendees at the opening reception. We won first place in ...

Article Preview
... The Austrian groups ÄúMonochromeÄù and ÄúShifzÄù co- sponsor what is probably the greatest robot competition in the world Äî Roboexotica Äî which deals solely with robots as bartenders and ...

... You'll learn technical basics from motors and wiring to locomotion, and read builders' true stories from the front lines of robot competition. Whether or not you're mechanically-minded, you'll find ...
http://www.wxpnews.com/ar ...news-030-20020618.htm

Selectric Typewriter Museum
... Office Machines Cars About the Museum Home Sculpture Sierra Vista Car Club Buena High School N.E.R.D.S. Robotics Team Cathode Corner Spring is here! and we're off tothe next robot competition!

Preview: Stanford takes first in off-road robot competition
... All today's posts News archive ª News archive ª Search Stanford takes first in off-road robot competition Stanley, the Stanford Racing Team's entry in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ...

Computer Science Department Photo Album :: AI Robot Competition (Fall 2005)
AI Robot Competition (Fall 2005) 5 images in this album slideshow login Gallery: Computer Science Department Photo Album Album: Student Gallery (l-r) Daniel Wetteroth, Jon Rohan, Anne Martens, Ben ...

Robot Kits and Motors
... Built-in Capacitors Robot competition veterans know how important it is to reduce the radio frequency noise. Without capacitors most motors will produce enough RF noise to shorten the range of your ...

MIT 2.007 Website
... up! Please carefully read over them so that you wire your robot correctly! Last year's table, named Tic Tech Toe, occurred on May 12 and 13 with excellent results. Pictures and videos of the event are ...

MSSD students compete in robot-building competition-- Happenings--Gallaudet ...
Gallaudet > Clerc Center > News > Happenings > MSSD students compete in robot-building competition search | site index MSSD students compete in robot-building competition By Susan ...
http://clerccenter.gallau ...enings/Robots6-3.html

http://www.pixlock.com/in ...ction&id=7&Itemid=113

ROBOT COMPETITION Project Proposal Final Report Home

JB Speed School Calendar: Event
... 2008 March 2008 Today is: Fri, Mar 31, 2006 Subscribe & download Filter events 11:00am Robot Competition (Event) Come and watch the playoffs of the IEEE local robot competition. Two teams from the ...
http://speed.louisville.e ...eventid=1142880216343

The EAP/Human Armwrestling Match
... www.robot.md Brian Thomas - Senior Event Manager, SPIE-- The International Society for Optical Engineering The Armwrestling - Support Organizations The hosting and logistics of the competition was ...
http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov .../EAP-armwrestling.htm

Eastern Canadian Robot Games 2005
... Competitions Roboticist Robot Competition Joe Garcia Manta Ray Photovore Exhibit Speeder Solaroller Jag Sumovore Sumo -- Mini Scout Walking Robot Race J Wolfgang Goerlich Twin Mills Photovore Exhibit ...
http://jwgoerlich.solarbo ...titions/ecrg-2005.htm

Robot Project Bookmarks
... It is slightly different from the board used in 1995-96 Other and Previous Competitions The Queen's robot competition. This contains descriptions of the 1994 and '95 games. As of Oct '96, it does not ...
http://www.doe.carleton.c ...t/RobotBookmarks.html

AAAI-97 Robot Competition - Hors d'Oeuvres Event 1ST PLACE - Technical Competition 2ND PLACE - People's Choice 2ND PLACE - Overall Scoring A team from the Navy Center for Applied Research in ...

6.270 Autonomous Robot Competition
6.270 Autonomous Robot Competition This is the 6.270 Webserver. If you're looking for the main 6.270 webpage, it's here. Some pictures from the contest are here.


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