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'BattleBots' game a tool for teaching skills (Reg Req'd)
They're smashing machines really, designed from the start to bash each other to bits or saw their opponents apart, all under the careful tutelage of classroom instructors.

Video: Gundam vs Great Mazinger!
This video rules! It shows a hilarious battle between two famous mechs on a Japanese TV game show. The technology for the robots is amazing, they can even stand back up on their own. Battlebots, EAT THIS!


Sites about build battlebots

BigConna.com - SE2600 Member List
... AIM Screen Name n/a Comments Gotta get these BattleBots built!!! Strages Email strages@knology.net ... ... Scary. I have been known to "teach someone to build a clock, when all they asked was the time." I ...

Link Right 2 » R0bots
... cool stuff on here. I first had the vision to build a robot while working as an engineer on the old ... ... for Duty Im guessing these wont be legal in Battlebots! Hunting for guerillas, handling roadside ...

Odeo: Texas Venture Capital Blog via Talkr.com
... Eric Molitor (a Dallas programmer who is into Battlebots) today... (30 days ago) 74. Got a Web 2.0 ... ... I cant recall how we came to the decision to build Gahbunga, but I am happy to report tha... (51 ...

Creatures from the toolbox: Metro Detroiters build their own remote-controll...
... A lot of children have been drawn to "BattleBots" and become inspired to try to build a 'bot with a parent. "This is something you can do with your kids that is fun and educational and safe, and they ...
http://www.freep.com/ente ...io/duf22_20010522.htm

Vancouver Island Robotics
... www.battlebots.com/bnc_rules.asp (rules) BattleBots NAME: BattleBotsIQ LAST DATE: Mar, 2003 NEXT ... ... assisted by professional engineers design and build robots. CLASSES: Remote-Control SIZE: Variable ...

... folks at O'Reilly and Associates decided to build what became the very first portal. Pretty much ... ... at Fort Mason in the same building that Battlebots is taped in. (Show Me!) ( 2 Reader Comments ...

U-INFO: Hands-on Activities
... supports a wide range of student activities that build hands-on projects. The Center sponsors the ... ... Project ORCA, and competitive teams such as Battlebots Robots, Rocket Team, Mars Gravity, and the ...

C-Ville Weekly
... a race thatís part X-Prize and part Battlebots, sponsored by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The goal is to build a robot that can travel by itself from Los ...
http://www.c-ville.com/ww .../12-28-2004/asp/3.asp

New Robot Wars / Battlebots robot designs by Dean Thorpe
... > [PROJECTS] > [ROBOTS] Robot Wars / Battlebots extreme combat designs, including disk based ... ... Great design I think, but would not be cheap to build 8o( The claws are not designed to be powerful ...

MachineBrain Fighting Robots
... Fighting Robots Add Link Categories: Battlebots Military Robots Links: An Illustrated Guide ... ... summer camp where for kids Age 12-16 design, build, and then remotely control their robots in a ...

SimpleBits | Notebook › September 2000 Archives
... have I seen a more ridiculous, yet entertaining show. BattleBots is insanely great. Im thinking of entering ó only I have no desire to build a robot&. Read full entry Sep 22 2000 | Add Comment ...
http://www.simplebits.com ...ok/2000/09/index.html

... BattleBots contestants design and build radio-controlled robots weighing up to 408 lbs. that employ an array of destructive weaponry such as hammers, saws, and spikes. This is the ultimate contest of ...

http://www.foodpix.net/it ...wars qq2037 19198.php

... Development Kit - A collection of software utilities, documentation, and sometimes hardware that enables a programmer or programming team to build software for a particular platform. Also called "S.D ...

RobotsLife.com - Links - Amateur Robots
... com - US Robot Store A huge shop, dealing robots and parts to build them. www.robotstore.com - US Competitions and combats Battlebots Battle bots competitions organizer. www.battlebots.com - US ...

Ask Jeeves Results - robots
... Beginner Robot Building Robot Designs Cheap Build Robot Expand Your Search Terminator Lego ... ... Lights Futuristic CAD CAM NASA Robotics Battlebots New Technology Introduction of Robotics ...

MATC Industrial Controls Final Exam A Fight to the Death
... This year, the instructor and students decided to build battlebots. The class of 15 students was split into two competing teams with each team given the same basic motors, controls and batteries ...
http://matcmadison.edu/ma ...lebotCompetition.shtm

Battlebots: Beyond the Battlebox Reviews for the Game Boy Advance (GameTab)
... VIEW: SCREENSHOTS | DESCRIPTION Welcome to BattleBots, the sport of remote-controlled robotic combat. Based on the popular television series, you build your own customized, radio-controlled robots ...
http://www.gametab.com/gb ...d.the.battlebox/1809/

BattleBots Build' Em Bash 'Em
... in. Sign In / Create Account BattleBots Build' Em Bash 'Em (2002) [Submit Corrections] GameID: 5355 View All Images (1) Designer N/A Publisher Milton Bradley Players 2 - 2 Playing Time 20 Minutes ...


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