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A Technical Guide To Building Fighting Robots
"Many aspiring roboteers have no background or knowledge of engineering, and just want to build a robot. At some point they will ask questions such as "How can I use that really cheap motor?", "How can I build my own speed controller?", "Why do I lose radio contact when the motors start?", "How big a battery do I need?", can I build my own circuit to do..."
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A "Review of Robot Building For Beginners
David Cook's latest (and as far as I know, his only) book, Robot Building For Beginners (RBFB), published by Apress, clocks in at an impressive 546 pages, sans the extensive index. For comparison to other popular robotics titles, Karl Lunt's Build Your Own Robot! has 568 pages, and I would tell you how many pages Robot Builder's Bonanza has if I could remember where I put it..."
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Robots: Building Teens' Interest
"Science and engineering may not seem cool, but RadioShack is out to change that. In April, the store will launch the Vex Robotics Design System, which includes a 500-piece starter kit (for $299) that allows buyers to design and construct radio-controlled robots that can lift and throw objects, and even move about the room..."
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A Robot Laboratory for Teaching Artificial Intelligence
"In this paper, we have described a project that involved the creation of two identical robot building laboratories at two undergraduate institutions. The laboratory has been used for teaching the undergraduate AI course. Laboratory materials have been made available along with detailed information on how to create such a laboratory at other institutions. The laboratory helps introduce a central theme in the teaching of AI, and, at the same time, strengthens the role AI plays in the core computer science curriculum."
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Intermediate Robot Building
"Intermediate Robot Building, picks up where David Cook's first book, Robot Building for Beginners, left off. It assumes you understand the basics and have built at least one robot from a kit. The book delves into some of the common problems that face robot builders working on more complex robots built entirely from scratch....."
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Robot Building for Beginners
"The book begins with a brief introduction to the robot hobby and some interesting robot pieces and projects. Next is an informative chapter on where to purchase the parts for the robot, with an emphasis on getting parts cheaply. The author also gives some hints on how to order parts cheaply through quantity discounts as well as part substitution...."
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Robot Building Lessons
"Building real robots is hard. Robots are complex systems which rely on software, hardware and mechanical systems all working together. If you build everything yourself, all types of complex interactions occur, which you usually can't anticipate. If you buy things off-the-shelf, they may not be compatible or well suited to a robotics application..."
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Luxury Robots RoboCompetitions
"In the interests of science–and our geekier readers–we scoured the globe for robot competitions and came up with a list of five of the most interesting and most bizarre."
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BBC - Science & Nature - Robots - Techlab
Learn to design & build your own robots in the the BBC interactive construction labs and discover the basic skills needed to become an expert roboteer.
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Microsoft Robotics Studio Now Available
“Microsoft will help us extend the reach of the iRobot Roomba Open Interface to a broader community of developers,” said Helen Greiner, co-founder and chairwoman of iRobot. “A common development platform like Microsoft Robotics Studio will help ignite the robotics industry and encourage more developers to design new robot applications.”
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